Our Services

What We Do

Sebastian Capital offers a custom, diverse platform of services merging traditional commercial real estate in sectors such as acquisitions, leasing, management and sales with access to growth capital. This hybrid model of commercial brokerage with mortgage capabilities makes the firm much nimbler in its approach to commercial real estate in New York City and across the country.


Sebastian Capital provides specialized management operations unique to each property. Everything in our portfolio is monitored on a daily basis by our experienced administrative, financial, maintenance, and marketing staff.

We have the experience and relationships to maximize the performance of any commercial or residential asset, priding ourselves on our ability to protect our building owners and guide them through a seamless integration process. Through conscientious property management, the Sebastian Capital team maintains high-performing, well-positioned assets and secures them for the future.


The brokerage division implements an active approach that advises our clients and emphasizes their preferences. We work diligently to provide strategic solutions for our tenants, landlords, buyers and future sellers. We invest in mutually beneficial partnerships and maintain rigorous operations to elicit the best possible performance and profitability.


Our development sector allows Sebastian Capital to focus on our clients’ longterm performance. We use our resources to achieve ground-breaking results using extensive technological advancement. Our integrated services enable investors to minimize risk and carry out the full potential of their investments.


Sebastian Capital makes capital raising possible. We have the financing resources for our clients and associates. Loans can be used to facilitate acquisition, development and construction.

Working closely with Banco Inbursa, we provide more effective funding services than conventional lenders, as well as structured loans according to each client's unique necessities.


We acquire exclusive properties that have value add opportunity within our conservative approach. We work with investors that identify cutting-edge solutions and long term investments and help clients enter the real estate holdings market to diversified assets or portfolios. Sebastian Capital executes acute strategies to help achieve a maximum return on their property and minimize transactional risks.